Trivial Name:okadaol
CAS Registry Number: 131959-12-1
Source Organism:Prorocentrum lima
Formula: C44H70O12
Exact Mass: 790.4859
Formula Weight: 791.1
Production Method: Semisynthetic derivative of natural product
Storage/Shipping Conditions: -20oC

Mode of action:
Okadaic acid is a polyether from the dinoflagellate Prorocentrum lima that is the causative agent of diarrhetic shellfish poisoning (DSP).1 Okadaic acid acts as a non-phorbol ester type tumor promoter2 and as an inhibitor of protein phosphatases PP1 and PP2A.3 Okadaol is derived from okadaic acid by reduction of the carboxyl group and is inactive against protein phosphatases.4

Unit size: 100 µg - $ 378

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