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MARBIONC ELISA Kits are now available through SeaTox Research and can be purchased following the link here or reaching out to UNCW for a direct referral.

Brevetoxin/Ciguatoxin Test Kit

We offer a competitive receptor binding assay kit for the site 5 sodium channel ligands brevetoxin or ciguatoxin. This kit can detect and quantify either of these toxins ¹,². The kit can be used as a screening or quantitative tool with analyses completed in less than 2 hours after extraction. This methodology is faster and less expensive that LC/MS or N2A cell-based methods.

Each kit contains assay buffer, mixing plate, filter plate Brevetoxin standard, fluorescent ligand and receptor (synaptosomes).

Detailed instructions and a list of supplies to acquire and instrumentation settings are provided.

Each kit is capable of analyzing from 5 to 8 samples in dilution series (quantative mode) or up to 40 samples at a single dilution in duplicate (qualitative mode).

1. McCall, et al, 2012, “Development of a Competitive Fluorescence-based Synaptosome Binding assay for Brevetoxins”, Harmful Algae 19, 85-91

2. Litaker, et al, 2014, “Ciguatoxin concentrations in invasive lionfish estimated using a fluorescent receptor binding assay”, 16th ICHA Proceedings, 184-189.

3 - Hardison, et al, 2016, “Fluorescent receptor binding assay for detecting ciguatoxins in fish”, PLoS ONE 11(4): e0153348. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0153348

* A product of SeaTox Research, Inc.

Unit Price: $500 per kit