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MARBIONC ELISA Kits are now available through SeaTox Research and can be purchased following the link here or reaching out to UNCW for a direct referral.

Brevetoxin ELISA Kit (15 Plate Kit)

We offer a competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to analyze brevetoxins. This competitive ELISA can detect and quantify brevetoxins in a wide range of samples and has been proven effective to monitor for the presence of brevetoxins in the environment and in aquatic food webs or to diagnose toxins exposure in vertebrates1. As evidenced by the large number of publications reporting ELISA data, this method is very well accepted by the scientific community. The results and the relevance of the method are not questioned which facilitates the review process during publication.

In each kit, the concentrated solutions of standards, anti-toxin antibodies and enzyme conjugates provide enough reagents to conduct assays on fifteen 96-well ELISA plates. In contrast to much pricier test kits, pre-sensitized plates and buffers are not required so that end users can format the assay to their liking in a cost effective way. Detailed instructions and a list of supplies to acquire are provided with each ELISA kit.
In a full quantitative mode (8 duplicate dilutions) five samples can be analyzed on each plate which will also harbor a full standard curve.
In a qualitative screening mode, many more samples (up to 40 in duplicate) can be analyzed on each plate.

1. Castle KT, et al, Journal of Wildlife Diseases 49 (4): 955-964; Fauquier DA, et al, Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 44 (2): 364-375; Journal of Wildlife Diseases 49 (2): 246-260; Flewelling LJ, et al, Marine Biology 157 (9): 1937-1953