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[D-Asp3] Microcystin-LR

Trivial Name : [D-Asp3] Microcystin-LR, Desmethyl Microcystin-LR

Source Organism: Microcystis aeruginosa 
CAS Registry Number: 120011-66-7

Formula: C 48 H 72 N 10 O 12
Exact Mass: 980.53
Formula Weight: 981.15
Production Method: Natural product
Storage/Shipping Conditions: This material is packaged in glass vialsand is shipped with an ice pack. If prolonged storage is required, keep in atightly sealed container at -20oC

Toxicity : Toxic; Hepatotoxin; and Possible carcinogen

Mode of action:
Microcystins and Micropeptins are cyclic hybrid non-ribosomal peptide toxinsisolated from various cyanobacteria.1 They inhibit eukaryoticprotein phosphatases PP1 and PP2a and are selectively transported to the liver resulting in acute liver failure and tumor promotion.2

Unit size: 25 µg - $163

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